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1. What is Housie ?

- Housie is played with 90 balls and a 9x3 (column x row) grid, which makes 27 squares per ticket. Five squares in each row would have pre-determined numbers while the four others remain blank, resulting in 15 numbers per ticket.

2. What are the different prizes / winning variations in a particular contest ?

- In a particular contest a player is eligible to win First Line, Second Line, Third Line,  Break Fast, Lunch, Dinner,  Fast 5, Fast 9, Fast 11, Full House,  Sandwich, Love Line, Temperature, Vertical Nine,  Railway Lines, Arrow, Round, Bull's Eye, Split Corner, Pyramid, Queen Corner, King Corner, Even Number, Odd Number, Bamboo, Young, Old. Multiple players are eligible to win any of these combinations if they fulfill the criteria of winning.

3. How do I claim my prize ?

- On winning any of these combinations, cash balance will be credited to the player's winning pocket immediately after which a request for a cash out can be placed. For more details, refer to the cash out policy.

4. What happens if I win the prize but I don’t claim ?

- Once a player wins any of the prizes, cash balance will be credited to the player's winning pocket immediately from where a request for a cash out can be placed. The cash balance will remain in the player's winning pocket for 185 days after which it will be cleared.

5. How to become eligible to play housie ?

- To play housie90, he/she must be above 18 years of age and a resident of India.

6. Can I win different prizes on the same ticket ?

- A player can claim one prize of any one variation but he/she is eligible for a full house prize on the same ticket for a particular contest.

7.  What happens when the prize is won by multiple users ?

- In case multiple players win the same variation in the same contest, the prize amount will be distributed equally amongst all the winners of that prize.

8. Is there a possibility of my housie ticket getting cancelled ?

-Once you have bought a ticket for a particular contest, you can not cancel it and claim a refund. Refund will only be processed to your cash pocket if the contest gets cancelled from our side.

9. I have won an amount higher than the actual winning balance credited to my winning pocket, why ?

- If a player has won above INR 9999 in a particular contest, he/she is eligible to pay TDS which we will deduct immediately and the balance amount will be credited to the player's winning balance.

10. How do I claim my TDS ?

- Every player whose TDS is deducted will be contacted by the payouts team for KYC verification. On fulfilling the KYC criteria, the TDS certificate will be sent to the player at the end of that financial quarter.

11. Can I buy multiple tickets for the same contest ?

- Yes, a player can buy multiple tickets for the same contest.