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About Housie90!

Hello! Welcome to Housie90!

This is a legitimate housie game where you can play and win real cash!! Bring the experience of playing housie on a Saturday night with a large group of people to your living room couch cuddled up with your close friends and family!

Just download the app and sign up! Participate in a daily housie game, have fun and win cash!! We offer instant cash outs, subject to T&C’s.

How To Play?

Step 1 - Install

Enter your Mobile Number & Download the Application.

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Step 2 - Sign up/Login

Click on the ’Sign Up', fill in the online registration form and verify your phone number. You are there!

Step 3 - Buy Tickets

  • Now login to your Housie90.
  • Click on the 'Add Money' Button and enter the amount.
  • Already have the cash in your Housie90 Pocket? Then just click on the ‘Buy ticket’.
  • We will deduct the cash from your Housie90 pocket and add a ticket to your account.
  • Once a ticket is purchased, it cannot be cancelled and no refund will be generated.

Step 4 - Win Cash

  • Win prizes of any variation, and we will transfer the winning amount to your winning balance immediately!
  • Got your winning balance? Now place an instant cash out request of the desired amount, which we will add to your PayTM account.
  • Don’t have a PayTM account? We can add the amount to your bank account, but only after KYC verification by the pay-outs team. In this case, the player will not be eligible for an instant pay-out policy. For more details, refer to the Cash our Policy.
  • Applicable TDS will be automatically deducted before transferring to the player's winning balance, for any winnings above INR 9999 in a particular contest.
  • Instant cash out will be applicable only for any amount between INR 100 - INR 9999.
  • Any cash out placed above INR 9999 will go for a manual request to the payouts team, who will call the player within 72 hours KYC verification. After successful KYC verification, Winnings will be released to the players account.

Step 5 - Play Live Games!!

  • Purchase your ticket and start playing, numbers will pop up on your mobile screen one by one.
  • To win Fast Nine, 9 numbers on your ticket must be in the "Red Cross". It is the fastest 9 numbers you have on your ticket before other players.
  • To win any particular line, all the numbers of that particular line should be in the "Red cross".
  • To win a full House, all the numbers on the ticket should be in the "Red Cross".
  • Tickets will be displayed in the mobile only, you do not have to draw.
  • When the number opens, you have to tick if we have that number in our tickets, ticking you will sign the red cross.

Housie 90! Contact us

We are a legitimate housie game host and we want to bring the excitement of outdoor housie to indoor! Play, have fun and win cash!

Check out how it works & start now!!

Wondering how to claim your cash prize? You will find your answers at FAQ!

Have other questions? Drop us an email at housie90@gmail.com and we will get back soon!!